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What is Youtube Vanced?

Why users Prefer To Use Vanced Latest Version?

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Vanced APK Version Specification

App NameYoutube Vanced
DeveloperVanced Team
Size67.18 Mb
Last Update1 Day ago

Main Features

  • True AMOLED Dark Mode: Reduces battery usage and eye strain by using a possible dark mode with AMOLED display.
  • Adblocking: Blocks all ads in videos while also allowing you to play videos in the background or in Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode. This feature works on Android 8.0 and newer versions.
  • Swipe Control: Like other video players such as MX Player, you can control brightness and volume with swipe gestures. Plus, it comes with configurable padding for a personalized experience.
  • Auto-Repeat: Keeps your favorite songs and videos playing in a loop with the auto-repeat feature, so you can enjoy them without interruption.
  • Toggleable Features: If you’re not interested in the new comments section or mini player, you can easily switch to the tablet version, which resembles the old version. Note that this version may have some slight bugs.
  • Battery Saver: Enjoy longer battery life and reduce eye strain with the True AMOLED Dark Mode, tailored for AMOLED displays.
youtube vanced-APK
youtube vanced-APK
customization 1
customization 2
  • Codec Options Override: Choose between H.264 or VP9 codecs to optimize video playback on older devices.
  • Cinematic Experience: Turn off 60fps or HDR playback for a more cinematic viewing experience. Access custom device configurations on Discord or XDA for further customization.
  • Customizable Video Settings: Set default video resolution (high or low) and override screen resolution for sharper 4K playback on any device.
  • Playback Speed Adjustment: Adjust playback speed from 0.25x to 2x for personalized viewing.
  • Toggleable Features: Easily control home ads, merchandise ads, UI ads, community posts, movie upselling, compact movie mode, movie shelf removal, compact banners (like COVID info), and more for a tailored user experience.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: Optimize video playback on older devices by selecting between H.264 or VP9 codecs, ensuring smooth performance.

Powerfull Features Of Vanced Youtube

Picture in Picture

Ad-Blocking Feature

Free From Sponsors:

Return Dislike Button

Swipe control

Auto- Repeat 

Different Themes

Background Playback

Friendly Interface:

Free Premium Features

Forced VR mode:

Login into Vanced Youtube Premium with Your Google Account

Download Material:

Convert Video to Audio:

Video segments Highlighted:

Set Default Tab:

Non-Rooted Devices:

Powerful features of Youtube Vanced Apk Features

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Difference between Vanced Youtube and Official Youtube

Youtube has become an amazing platform for all types of users to videos content. official Youtube comes with its some most common annoying experience to its users in the form of display ads. That is the reason Developers introduced YouTube Vanced, a modified version. In this article, we will compare YouTube Vanced vs Official YouTube and try to tell you difference between. Youtube vanced buffer problem has been resolved, main features plays vital role to solve this problem. Meanwhile we will highlight all features that are not present in official Youtube app. It will help you decide which one is the best choice for you to enjoy your content.

FeatruresYoutube VancedYoutube Official
Ad Blocker
Free from Sponser
Dislike Button
Swipe Control
Picture in Picture
Background Playback
Similar to Youtube Premium
Forced VR Mode
Convert Video to Audio
Set Default Tab
Disable Age Restriction

How to Download Vanced latest version?

There are many websites that are providing YT Vanced applications. But You need to show maturity at this stage because some people are using this app to access your personal data. You should ensure that you are downloading the Youtube Vanced application from our website’s Download buttom. We provide you a safe apk with no malware.

You have to install the APK file (Youtube Vanced + MicroG if your phone is non-rooted) on our android phone in Vanced manager. Open your file manager and click on the files. It will say to enable the unknown source. So enable the setting. It will be safe. After installation  turnoff the settings.

After some minutes installation will complete but make sure MicroG also installs. If MicroG does not install Youtube Vanced will not properly work. Good, after installing both apps go to the MicroG app and enable the auto start button. Then open the YT Vanced now enjoy your favorite music and videos without ads and buffering. The latest version is based on the Youtube official update. You may signin your Google account to sync with your favorite videos, subscriptions. 

How to install Youtube Vanced APK?

First You need to install Vanced Manager to install Youtube Vanced. You can use the Vanced Manager file on your android device in a very simple way . Just follow this guide. First, visit Our website and scroll down and find the button. From there, you can tap on the download button.

Steps of Installation of YouTube Vanced from Vanced Manager

Step 01: First, download Vanced Manager APK from our website. The file will be downloaded in the File Manager > downloads. Once, the file finishes downloading, you can open your file manager and open the Vanced Manager Latest Version file.

Step 02: Secondly, installing the app safely. You know as Vanced Manager is downloaded from the internet and is not considered safe, you will have to give permission to install this app from an unknown source. If you are using a Samsung device, you can go to your device’s settings and search for an unknown source installation. From there, you can tap “Enable Unknown Source Installation From Google Chrome”.

Step 03: Now, it’s your final step. Now simply open the and click on install option. It will take some time and the will be installed shortly. Relax and use this app and check for steps to install YouTube Vanced from Vanced Manager. it is very simple, when you open vanced manager you will see the option to install this app at the front just click on it and will be installed.

That’s it, your Youtube Vanced is Ready Now!

Steps of Youtube vanced installation

Youtube Vanced Download

How to Use?

You can use the vanced application just as you would use the official android app of the official platform. You don’t have to make a different google account. You can use the same account that you use on the official app; it will not cause any problems.

Troubleshooting Common Errors In Download

1. Having trouble signing in to Vanced Apk? Try these two solutions:

  • Remove your account: Head to Vanced MicroG settings and remove your linked Google account. Sign back in and try again.
  • Clear app data and cache: For Vanced MicroG, YouTube Vanced, and YouTube Music Vanced clear app data and cache from your device settings. This can resolve temporary glitches.
  • Free up some storage space on your device.
  • Uninstall the official YouTube Vanced client you downloaded from Vanced Manager.
  • Reinstall YouTube Vanced Apk using the Universal version, available for both Youtube and Youtube Music.
  • Reinstall or update Vanced MicroG: Outdated MicroG is a common culprit. Get the latest version and try again.
  • Battery Optimization: Disable battery optimization for Vanced MicroG to ensure background processes run smoothly.
  • Background Activity: Grant Vanced MicroG permission to run in the background. This may involve settings specific to your phone’s UI (e.g., auto-start for MIUI, OneUI).
  • Clear App Data: If things are still wonky, try wiping Vanced’s app data and cache. Remember, you’ll need to log in again.
  • Reinstall YouTube Vanced: As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall Vanced itself.

Is Youtube Vanced Still working ?

If you think YouTube Vanced isn’t working anymore, you’re mistaken. Vanced now works perfectly with the new ReVanced Patcher, managed by Cyno, a trusted GitHub member. The app also gets regular updates, so you don’t need to worry. Just download it, keep it updated, and enjoy ad-free YouTube.

However, the Vanced Manager, which was the best way to update YouTube Vanced, isn’t working anymore. So, you need to use MicroG; otherwise, Vanced YouTube might not work on your device.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions about Vanced Youtube)

The old official Youtube Vanced version was closed. But the good thing is that we have built a new working Vanced Youtube Apk using Revanced patcher, Which you have already downloaded

Vanced Tube is also the best alternative for Youtube Vanced which has the same working and same features as Youtube Vanced. If you have any problem with Youtube Vanced you have the option to download Vanced Tube from our website.

The benefits of Vanced include ad-free , Background Playback, Dark mode, and many more we discuss above.

No! All features of Youtube Vanced are totally free of cost. Users CAn download this APK from our website and enjoy its all amazing features for free.  

Rooted Devices

With a rooted android, you have complete control over the device and can work past the limitations placed by the phone manufacturer. Rooting an android allows you to install non-standard apps, which can help you to modify hidden settings, remove potentially unwanted programs, and control storage. Android Rooted device unlocks your phone or tablet and removes manufacturer restrictions, but it can also open the door to security issues.

Non- Rooted Devices

A non-rooted device, the apps you install only have the permissions that you give them. Those apps are in a kind of box in which they can do only certain things that you’ve allowed them to do. So, even a malware containing app can cause only so much harm.

Yes, It is the safest third party that is in the market because it is developed from ground up and not from the modified youtube sources. If you don’t violate any original youtube’s terms and conditions you will not face any problem while using Vanced App as well. 

Final Words

For updates, bookmark This app transfer your Youtube Data for a unique watching experience. Choose between Youtube or the advanced Vanced and Explore its Pro’s features. If you face any issue, feel free to Contact us. You’re welcome to contact us anytime. If you want to know more About Us section and read  our Privacy Policy.

Note:  As you know, Vanced Tube, Video Player is like a third party API for watching videos from a different source. The videos you see come from this special API. And don’t need to  worry, Vanced Tube/Vanced Youtube follows all the rules set by this API service.