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Pikashow is one of the most common streaming applications. It was an Android app, and downloading it on iPhone, MacBook, iPad and other IOS devices was one of the trickiest tasks. 

Fortunately, now Pikashow Apk is also available for IOS devices and all Apple users can directly download it from the App Store without paying any extra charges rather than using Root, Revoke, or Jailbreak. 

If you want to know the process of installation of it on IOS devices then we have a method for you. By using this method you can download any version of pikashow on your IOS device without any trouble. 

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Requirement and Details

App NamePikashow APK
Size10 MB
Latest Versionv82
DeveloperPikashow Team
Premium Features Free

PikaShow Apk Direct Download Method

The direct download method has some complex steps so it is important to read them all and then start downloading. The steps are described below:

  • In your iPhone settings go into general options and scroll down to the background app refresh. 
  • Click the Background App refresh and turn it off. 
  • After that go into your safari browser and search for appboba.com. 
  • On that website search for Pikashow and press download. 
  • To download you would have to download 2 task apps and use them for 30 seconds and after that your app will get installed on your device. 

PikaShow Download From App Store

Sometimes you might get an error on IOS devices after downloading this app, so there are some tricks as well which will help you get your application running right away. 

  • Delete the old app that you have on your iphone
  • Go on App Store and download the latest version of the app
  • Delete the Cache of the device and enable a VPN just in case
  • After that when you’ll open your app it will be running without any errors. 

Working of PikaShow

After the 2020 Lockdown the way of consumption of entertainment has been changed. Rather than going to theaters most people like to stream movies on their Iphone, laptop, Macbooks, Ipads or other devices. Due to which the demand of online streaming platforms is on peak. 

People demand a platform on which they can enjoy everything from series to films and from films to sports. PikaShow fulfills all these demands of the user that’s why it is among top streaming platforms. 

It also provides some other very interesting features like downloading the file on one click with the details of the quality in which you want the file to be downloaded, options to download in different media forms etc. 

The membership plan is also significantly cheaper as compared to other streaming platforms which also offer less features. 

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Features of PikaShow

The IOS file has similar features as its APK file. It is a free app and is used worldwide. It has many features like registration is not required, has dark mode with exciting graphics, subtitles in many different languages but the most famous feature is the live streaming which is loved by sport lovers. 

These features are briefly discussed below:

Best for IOS

If we compare PikaShow Apk official with other streaming apps which are available on IOS it wins in every category, It covers all types of content, gives you worldwide live channels, and most importantly it Supports IOS 14 and IOS 15, which its other competitors can not. 

Live TV Channels

In one of the most recent package offers you can get more than 1000 channels on the application live from different countries. You can get News channels, Indian channels, and other fashion channels, informational channels etc. 


Live Sport streams

The main feature for which this app is known is live sport streaming feature. If you are out and about but don’t want to miss the opening ceremony of the match you can watch it live from your iphone. This live stream feature covers all type of sports. 

Different Range Of Content

This streaming app covers almost all content types. Kids channels, Dramas, News, Songs, Movies, Online series, and any other thing that you name you will find.


In the range of content you get everything, even songs which are rare to see in streaming platforms like these. You get a very big collection of movies from different regions i.e Hollywood, Lollywood, Bollywood. You also get the series collection from platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney etc. 

Downloading / Custom Options

You can even download your desired content if you want to watch it later when you don’t have internet available. This One-click Download feature is very unique and gives a lot of options to the user. The user can select the quality as well as the form of file which supports their device. 

Multi Language 

PikaShow Apk supports different languages so in case you are not that familiar with English you can still use the app in your own language. This feature allows every kind of user to be able to easily use the application. 

You also get the option of having subtitles in different languages, so if you are watching a movie in an unfamiliar language you can turn on the subtitles in a language that you can understand. 

Simple User Interface 

This app has a very simple and user friendly interface which is very convenient. For some people it takes time to learn how an app works. But PikaShow Apk has a very simple UI that even those people can easily use this app without any problem. 


Secure and Safe 

According to the statement of developers this application is totally secure and safe for you to use. But some companies have accused this app of using pirate data. 

Notify the updates

Another very unique feature is that the application sends you notification and keeps you up to date about the things that you are following. You won’t miss anything. 

Favorite list

If you love something then this app will allow you to add that thing in your favorit list and will update you everytime anything related to that show gets uploaded on the app. 

Advantages of IOS Version

For a long time pikashow Apk was only available on android devices but the IOS version recently launched along with some of the options that you only get if you download the application on iphone, macbook, ipad or any other IOS device. 

Those advantages are:

No Jailbraking/rooting/revoking

Because now this app can be downloaded from the App Store you no longer have to use Rooting, Jailbraking or Revoking to get this app on your Apple device and this feature alone helps you save your device’s official warranty. 

Supports IOS 14 and IOS 15

Most streaming apps that are available on IOS are not supportive of IOS 14 and IOS 15 and that’s why you don’t have many options to choose and the best option out of all other currently available apps on this IOS version is Pikashow. 

Easy Setup

The Setup has become very easy after the launch on the App Store, you just simply have to download it and that’s it. No more complex setting that can cause issues or cause the risk of downloading bugs in your device. 


Out of all the streaming platforms pikashow Apk is the best when it comes to the amount of content that you will get compared with the package price. Other Streaming platforms charge more and give less. 


In conclusion, PikaShow is the best way for iPhone, macbook and ipad users to stream their favorite game, watch their favorite movie or consume any type of entertainment that they want at a very reasonable price. 

And if you were facing any errors then try using VPN and clearing Cache and we hope that after reading this article your problems get solved and now your app is up and running. 


No,APK stands for Android Application Package and these files are only workable on androids for IOS, Make sure that you download the file type that supports IOS.

The Size of this application which is mentioned on the app store is 63.6MBs. But if you are downloading any other old version then the size might be different. 

If you want to download the application on your macbook then you would have to download an emulator on your device for the application to work properly. 

Yes, it is totally safe to download because it doesn’t really ask for the access of your personal data.

PikaShow is free to download but to watch series and movies on the app you would have to subscribe to the packages that are offered by the application just like any other streaming application.

It is an app which was made in India, developed by indians.