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Vanced Apk is an app. If you’re using PC, MAC, or Windows 7, 10, 11 and want use Youtube Vanced for MAC? PC? Windows? Then You are on the right place. Here we will provide you the best and latest version of Youtube Vanced & ReVanced Youtube for windows. Youtube vanced for PC windows, 7, 10, 11 has all features of original Youtube & also has some cool premium features for free. With its awesome features it inspires a large number of users to use Youtube Vanced for Pc on their computers

Youtube Vanced APK For PC?

it is a simpler and better version of the original Youtube. Youtube Vanced APK was first launched in 2017 for Android devices. Which makes it better? It includes all features of Youtube and many premium features free for you like ad-blocking. By this feature users can watch full video without any annoying ads in the middle or start of the videos. We will provide here Youtube Vanced for PC Latest version v13.12.60 (Official) March 2024 Anit-Ban (Updated)

This application has dark mode for users to reduce battery power and eye fatigue. In the original Youtube if you want to play a video again you have to click again but in Vanced Apk has a repeat feature. By this feature, the user’s favorite video will play in a loop. One of the best features of YT Vanced is background playback! Users of Vanced Manager can play a video with a pop-up player and then close the application to browse other applications. The video will continue in background.

Youtube Vanced pc download was developed by Team Vanced which users can download and use totally free.Developer and senior XDA member Rafalete created this App by enhancing the original YouTube app with features, Return YouTube Dislike, and amazing Customization for free. This app is also known as YT Vanced APK. Now we have to explain all features of Vanced Youtube & Vanced Manger in detail.

Benefits of using Youtube Vanced for windows

It blocks ads. Plus, this will aiso allow you to work on other apps on your computer while listening to music by PIP feature or Video play in background. Youtube Vanced for Pc (windows 10) works the same functions on android phones.

Want to Download revanced/vanced MicroG click here.

How to Downlaod & Install Youtube Vanced for PC?

Youtube Vanced Originally created for android system but you should not need to worry! We will tell you how to install Vanced Youtube on windows. We will also discuss features alternative ways of its installation. If you are looking for Youtube vanced for PC then continue reading. We will show you step by step process of how to download itfor PC/MAC/Windows. Youtube vanced download for pc is very easy.

Before downloading you should keep in mind the capability with your PC. Youtube Vanced on windows only compatible with windows 7, 8 ,10 and windows 11. But it will be more stable on windows 7, 10 and 11.

Now we will guide you step by step, How to install and download youtube vanced for pc on your personal computer.


 First of all you need to download Bluestack emulator to run Youtube Vanced for windows. It will allow you to install android apps on windows.


Go to google and search for Bluestack. Download its .exe file from the official website.This will open a large number of opportunities for you to install all android apps on windows.


Now you will install the .exe file provided by bluestack official website. Run the installation process as you can do at installation of with other window apps. After installation of Bluestack you can easily install Youtube Vanced for Pc free download.


Now you will download Youtube Vanced apk from our website . Click on the Download button to get the latest version of Vanced app. Download this apk on your PC. 


This is the time to install YT Vanced . Just go to the Apk install section of Bluestack emulator .Drag your downloaded file in the installation area. That’s all you have done.

You have installed Vanced Youtube Apk successfully. 


Onces Youtube Vanced is installed on your Pc you can use it by using Bluestack emulator. If you do not install Bluestack you can not access the Vanced apk.


When you open the app it will show the Welcome message on screen. 

After all steps it will ask to sign in your Google accounts . When you sign in your Google accounts it will sync your favorite lists, watch later videos, subscriptions list .You can use it without facing any issue. 

Downlaod Bluestacks Emulator

If you want to run android Apps on windows 7, 10, 11 you should must have an Emulator. Bluestacks 10 is one best Emulator to run Youtube Vanced apk pro on Pc.You can download Bluestacks 10 Emulator from here easily. Download & install it on your Pc and enjoy Android Apps on your Computer screen. you cant use youtube vanced for pc without emulator


Bluestacks Emulator For Pc Free Download

Requirements: Windowss 7.0 +Version: 1 Mb
How to Downlaod & Install Youtube Vanced on PC

Alternatives To use Youtube Vanced for Windows 

If you cannot download Bluestack Emulator to use Youtube Vanced, we have some alternative ways for you to use features of Youtube Vanced for PC.

1USe the AdGuard extension on Browser

When a user will use a browser to use Youtube to watch videos. AdGuard extension to block all ads on Youtube videos but onsite ads remain the same. When user install AdGuard extension in his Chrome brwoser he will enjoy his content without any ad.

2-Enhancer for Youtube 

Enhancer for youtube is a great extension that blocks ads on youtube videos while using youtube on the browser. By this extension you will get rid from annoying ads in free and enjoy your videos without ads.

3-Sponserblock extension for Youtube

This extension will skip all sponsor sections of videos . It will save you a lot of time. By using this extension you will enjoy sponser block feature of Youtube Vanced pc.

4-RYD Youtube Extension

This extension will show hidden dislikes on a youtube videos. Your dislike button will appear like Vanced youtube.

Main Features

1.  Background Playback and PIP mode

 This is a great feature of Youtube Vaanced. If you want to listen to music while using another app. In Official Youtube if you turn off the screen it will pause the video. But the Vanced app allows you to listen to videos if you lock the screen. It also has Picture in Picture mode. 

2. Ad- Blocking

As described earlier Vanced app has features that block annoying ads on videos. You can enjoy your videos without any ads.

 3. Gesture when playing videos

Youtube Vanced allows the user to control brightness and volume control playing videos. For example, a user can swipe on the lift side to increase the brightness and swipe on the right isde to control volume.

4. Enhance Video & Audio Quality

YT Vanced Apk enhances the quality of audio and video as compared to the official Youtube app.

5. Additional features

Youtube Vanced for Pc also offers some more features such as, bypass age restriction, dark mode, and automatic playback.

Common Installation Issues:

If you face any issue during installation you make make sure some things

1.  First of all, check your Internet connection. It should be fast to download the full Vanced app.

2. See that Windows defender is not blocking the emulator.

3. Disable all antivirus installed on your Pc.

4. Make sure your Pc meet all minimum requirements for Vanced for PC app.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Is Youtube Vanced for Pc safe to use?

Yes It is safe to use but make sure you download it from our website.

How is Vanced Youtube Apk different from the official Youtube app?

Vanced youtube is providing additional features like ads blocking, Background playback, gesture control and improved audio and video quality. That is not present in official Youtube.

Can I login on my Youtube Channel using Vanced Youtube for PC?

Yes you can easily login to your account while using vanced youtube for pc

How do I uninstall Youtube Vanced for PC?

 To uninstall, go to the control panel and select “ uninstall a program”. If you are using a Bluestack emulator go to installed apps and uninstall them.

What is the difference between Youtube premium and Youtube Vanced?

Youtube premium for pc free download offers features like ads blocking, Background playback in paid subscription but Youtube Vanced offer all these features in totally free!. It offers much more cool features than Youtube premium.  

How do I discard Youtube Ads?

If you are facing the issue of annoying youtube ads, just install Youtube Vanced apk.

Is It legal to use Vanced Apk?

Yes It is legal to use vanced youtube apk, but do not misuse it. Use only for personal purposes.

Can I use Youtube Vanced without rooting my devices?

Yes you can use Youtube Vacnced without rooting your device by installing a non-root version.

Is there a way to get YouTube Vanced to work with Chrome permanently?

I prefer using youtube vanced extension for chrome so it can get rather annoying having to disable and reenable Chrome wherever Vanced stops working.

Top 4 Ways to Turn Off YouTube Shorts on Android and PC (2024)

Short videos are everywhere on the internet now. Vine started it, TikTok made it popular, and Instagram followed with Reels. YouTube, known for longer videos, added ‘Shorts’ in 2020. While Shorts can be fun, they can also be a distraction. Here are the top 4 ways to disable YouTube Shorts on Android and PC.

Steps to Disable YouTube Shorts on Android and PC:

  1. Use YouTube Vanced:
    • Download and install YouTube Vanced on your Android device.
    • Open the app and go to Settings.
    • Find and disable the Shorts option.
  2. Adjust YouTube Settings:
    • Open the YouTube app or website.
    • Go to Settings and find the option for Shorts.
    • Turn off Shorts.
  3. Use an Older Version of YouTube:
    • Uninstall the current YouTube app.
    • Download and install an older version of YouTube APK that doesn’t have Shorts.
  4. Use Browser Extensions:
    • Install a browser extension like YouTube Shorts Blocker.
    • Follow the extension’s instructions to disable Shorts on your PC.


We just need to install an emulator to use Youtube Vanced on windows/PC. Bluestacks 10 is best emulator for using android apps on your windows. We discuss all features of vanced youtube apk on windows in above article. We see that Vanced Apk for PC is providing much better than the official Youtube app. It provides ads blocking, Background playback, gesture control and improved audio and video quality.