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Vanced Music




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2nd March, 2024

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Vanced Music have turned up many fans over the past years  towards third-party application clients. These clients unlock premium features typically reserved for paying users of the original apps, making them especially appealing to those who can’t afford monthly subscriptions. yt music vanced use without any cost, some clients even boast enhanced functionality and features, same what the original offers. Vanced Music APK, for instance, exemplifies this trend, providing a feature-packed music experience without the price tag of YouTube Music Premium.

Vanced Music Apk

Other applications clients often attract users with promises of free access to premium features, some raise ethical concerns. That’s why we have the Vanced Music APK.

It is a free alternative to YouTubeMusic vanced Premium, neglects the complexities of balance affordability with fair compensation for creators. yt vanced music apk free to use.

How to Download & Install Youtube Vanced Music APK (YouTube Music Premium) for Android

To download & install perfectly, you would need the MicroG application with the Vanced Manager package for Android devices.You need to install MicroG before YouTube Music and YouTube Vanced. Since the app uses third-party API sources to display content for its users and the anti-ban features that came pre-installed prevent YouTube from noticing that you’re using a mod. One would need the latest Vanced Manager update that can’t be downloaded from the app store but you can do it  through a secure link.

You can downlod Youtube Revanced from here.

Main Features 

Some main feature are given below shortly.

  • Stream songs and videos non stop
  • Create your playlist
  • Access local offline music
  • Ad-free experience
  • Background playback
  • Show your liked music from YouTube.
  • Improve recommendations
  • Save mobile data charges.
  • Show animated thumbnails
  • Amazing podcasts
  • Real-time lyrics
  • Related Recommendations
  • Equalizer
  • Restricted mode
  • Allow external devices to start playback
Revanced Music Download

ReVanced Music Apk Download(Latest Version)

App Name

ReVanced Music




47 mb


1 Day ago

Old versions of Youtube Music

Sometimes new versions of apk may not work on your device due to system incompatibilities. Until the apk developers has fixed the problem, Then you need to try using an older version of the app. Any version of Vanced Music, old or new you find on our website is completely virus free and free to download without any cost

Following are old versions, their compatibilities and release date.

APK5.39.52 Android + 5.0 Aug 17, 2023

APK4.65.50 Android + 5.0 Jan 23, 2023

APK4.30.51 Android + 5.0 Jan 23, 2023

APK4.30.50 Android + 5.0 Jan 23, 2023

APK4.29.50 Android + 5.0 Jan 23, 2023

APK4.27.50 Android + 5.0 Jan 23, 2023

APK4.25.52 Android + 5.0 Jan 23, 2023

APK4.24.51 Android + 5.0 Jan 23, 2023

APK4.20.52 Android + 5.0 May 28, 2023

APK4.18.50 Android + 5.0 Jan 23, 2023

APK4.11.50 Android + 5.0 Jan 23, 2023

APK4.07.51 Android + 5.0 Mar 29, 2023

APK4.09.51 Android + 5.0 Feb 21, 2024

APK4.05.51 Android + 5.0 Jan 23, 2023

APK4.04.52 Android + 5.0 Jan 23, 2023

APK4.02.51 Android + 5.0 Jan 23, 2023

APK4.02.50 Android + 5.0 Jul 30, 2023

APK3.87.52 Android + 5.0 May 15, 2023

APK3.86.51 Android + 5.0 Jan 23, 2023



Stop wasting your costly time and get a hands-on streaming experience that comes with all the premium features, free of charge! The Vanced Music mod APK will revolutionize the music industry by giving its users full control of whatever they want to listen. Vanced youtube music apk download can be possible from this website.